Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Passionate Call for Revolutionary Change

"We need a new economic system - one that is embedded in the care of all people and also in the care of the Earth and all of life upon it."
Presentation Sustainable Living Group, Ireland

I passionately agree with this statement, and also recognize that due to the inbuilt inertia of the familiar and fear of radical change a new economic system can only come from a tremendous shift of perception. Humans must "wake up" and embrace realities that will inevitably cause huge personal and social shifts. Our addiction to the familiar and fear of the new must be recognized and rejected out of a sense of deep moral necessity. I believe that once it dawns on us that we really are in a rapidly accelerating world-wide crisis, once the spell of denial is broken, needful human changes will accelerate. But will it be too late to prevent wide scale suffering and irreplaceable loss? That we will see.

The business community is the servant (or should I say slave) of profit. If the average person is unthinking and allowing the business community to manipulate social thought and feelings through clever advertising then the business community will not initiate radical change. But when enough people stand up and say, "No more!" no more repression of Earth friendly technology, no more social manipulation by powerful international corporations for the sake of their own profit no matter what the cost to mankind, no more false dreams of ever increasing material abundance for all through mindless consumerism, NO MORE! We demand non polluting, renewable, inexpensive energy production; we demand and require to restructure our laws so we are free to build the super inexpensive, energy efficient homes now possible out of natural materials that are freely available so everyone can have their own warm, human nest. We require access to the earth, to have our hands in the soil, that each of us can have our own garden full of singing birds and honey bees and grow our own organic food. And we demand this because we have woken up and recovered our passionate love of Life. We are now awake and recognize we are part of a miraculous, interdependent web of Creation.

We require more leisure time to study the wise ways of Life inherent in Nature and recover our sense of the miracle of existence. We require time to express the natural creative instincts that arise from Light-filled, Life inspired, Love bloomed hearts. We require freedom and peace of mind to deepen our meaningful relationships to the Divine Oneness of Life, to each other, to our own eternal, pilgrim souls, and to create beauty for ourselves, our communities and our children who trust us with their future.

It is time for change, for waking up, for shifts regarding where we place our attention and what we value. The transformation of the planet can only comes through the transformation of each one of us.

These are dangerous and exciting times. Will we continue to sleep in the mental/emotional spells created by the business world to drive its unsustainable economic systems, or will we return to that which is deepest, highest and most real within us, the Light of Life, the Love of Life, the reverence for the miracle of all existence?

We do not “have Life” in us. We are Life. We are the Light we see in our own eyes. This is our essence. And Life is, by its own nature creative, harmonious, playful, peaceful, joyful, and nourishing of more Life. Life is a miracle beyond comprehension because it is limitless in spiritual dimensions waiting for our discovery.

Everyday over 350,000 souls die and arise through the sky into higher dimensions of consciousness. Everyday around 400,000 souls come down to this earth to be born. All this movement of Life goes on in realms that our mortal body/mind systems cannot perceive, test or prove. But those who have left their bodies and entered super alive states of consciousness are telling us this over and over again. Read any of the Near Death Experiences sites. NDE, NDE Research Foundation. Read the spiritual mystics of the ages, the awakened ones. Read the awakened poets and writers. Get your attention off dangerous, status quo ways and put your attention on waking up to the larger picture and truer perspective. We must each embrace our own responsibility to do so and our changing lives and the crises of our times will inspire others to enact the same.

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