Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming Out in God

I stand in the mingling currents
of countless rivers.
I shout until the winds of every quarter
swirl together to carry my words
The enemy is everywhere, present
in all forms and no forms.
The time is dire
because it is not dire.
There should be a crises —
but who can define it?

There are millions of people all over the world who have had experiences of the Divine Presence, of inner Light, of pure Love in their lives whether through spiritual openings or near death experiences or religious epiphanies and if you are one you need to come out of the closet, to move beyond petty fears of what “people might think” and be very natural and open about the reality of the Divine dimension of reality. The world needs this, right now! The paradigm of materialism is over, it is a failed world view because it just plain isn’t in harmony with Life’s multi dimensional realities. It is therefore blinding, ultimately destructive — and must end now!

There are many dimensions to Life and they are discovered through expanding awareness, not through technology. We need a wide scale awakening to a whole new way of perceiving the Universe and thus our place in it. We need a radical shift in prevalent values away from more and more stuff to more and more inner lightness of being, more open receptivity to the free gifts of Life. We need to awaken our childlike wonder and joy in what is: to find happiness in just waking up in the morning, no matter what the weather or how your body feels, to be incredibly thankful for bird song, for food to eat, for the sound of a child’s voice and the presence of those who are important to our lives. We need time to open our hearts wide to all that Life is actually about: developing soul richness, deep, loving relationships, fearless honesty, creative freedom, social harmony with the Earth and compassionate care. We need to be set free from the tyranny of debt and consumerism and the only way we can be set free is by waking up from materialism, one soul at a time.

If you know that what I’m writing about is true, then naturalize your knowing. Bring the subject of the Divine dimensions up. Ask meaningful questions that shatter the status quo. Cry out for honest inquiry instead of the prevalent influences of diversion and escapism. Learn about the freedom and wisdom of spiritual Love. Give your self to what naturally opens you. Talk about what you know in your guts is true. If you don’t relate to what I’m saying I can only say, be open, look into things. The Universe is much more mysterious and wondrous than any of us can dream or imagine. Change is on us. Will you change or be a spiritual dinosaur resisting reality until this failed system crushes your hopes and possible you?

The very worst thing that can happen to us now is for the economy to recover and us to pick up where we left off: numb with over stimulation, driving big gas guzzling cars, supporting mega corporate take overs with our purchases, listening to and exporting violent rap, hiding away in tribalistic spiritual groups that refuse to look at their own limitations, ogling at soulless porn which confuses innocent sexual energy with dark, degrading attitudes and language —until the oceans inundate New York City and Copenhagen, Buenos Ares and Sydney and take us all down. We are in this together and every one of us counts. Do your part. Wake up, open up, and start thinking and taking about what is really important to human happiness. We need big change, now! Break out of the spell someone else is selling you. It is, after all, your own soul that is being sold out.

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