Monday, May 24, 2010


The highest human purpose
is always to reinvent and celebrate
the sacred.
N. Scott Momaday

We live in a galaxy of 4 hundred billion stars which is one of a trillion galaxies. To get some idea of how many a trillion is, if you made a photograph one meter by one meter in which were a thousand galaxies densely spattering the blackness of space, put enough of these pictures to cover a 10 meter high wall a 100 meters long, that would be 1 million galaxies, (1,000 stars x 10 pictures high X 100 pictures long). To show a trillion galaxies the wall would have to be a million times as long. That’s 100 million meters long, or 100,000 kilometers. This is just over 62,000 miles. The circumference of the Earth is 40,000 kilometers, or 24,900 miles. So the 10 meter high wall would be about 2 1/2 times around the earth. Another way to envision this is you would have to have 10 of these walls going from Los Angeles to New York, 10 meters high, all densely covered with spatters of galaxies. And each of those galaxies has an average of 400 billion stars.

We have images of God basically formed in the Bronze Age by passionately tribal people of an exclusive God concerned with his own reputation. No wonder there is so much disinterest in religion on one hand and conflict between different religions on the other. Such images are not in harmony with the vast, beauty-filled Universe the sciences have been discovering. What if our image of the Divine kept being renewed by sacred artists? What if we never settled for any spiritual reality that did not make us luminously, laughingly free because it is just such good news? What if we acted on our deepest instincts to be wide open, whole beings in love with Life, with all of Life… with all the rich diversity of Life, including people, including cultures, embracing all the differences? What if we started waking up from this “dream of life” created by the competitive business community and started to embrace one created by synergistic harmony makers, beauty-makers, lovers, poets, and creative thinkers in every sphere of Life? What if? And… why not now? Time for a revolution of thinking, people.

The very, very good news is, it is happening, right now, all over the world, one soul at a time.


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