Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Belief and Life

When logics die, the secret of the soil grows through the eye
and blood jumps in the sun. Dylan Thomas

I have learned that we see life not only through what we are, but what we believe. This is the prime filter, the colored glass that interprets the innocent white light of the sun. And I have learned that belief is, more than we most often realize, a choice. We choose to believe what we do, whether from the standpoint of familiarity, or security, or because it resonates with our repressed, traumatized being, or because of mutually shared hopes and dreams. If we want to really change our experience of life we must change our beliefs. This is the primal principle of Life, and there is no getting around it.

This is actually good news, because if a belief is ultimately a choice, we only need to choose to be happy and free and then inspect and question our beliefs that oppose it in order to turn them around, bring them into harmony with an innate sense of joy, that which gives rise to our spirit, that which harkens to us, calling us into a broader, freer place where Love is a free function, the primal reality.

Right now we can look at the world and shake with trepidation, for the shakable things are being shaken. If we believe that the economy is our hope and help, our security and well-being, then we are in a precarious position, for the world order is collapsing to allow space for a holistic, spiritually alive and harmonious new state of humanity. But if we shift our beliefs in ways that open us to the waves of Grace that are sweeping the planet, then Grace will soften us, detach us from old habitual identities, expand us as it opens us to the miracle and divine beauty of Life itself.

We have been in a collective spell and are waking up to the Universe as it actually is. No matter how expansive and beautiful our beliefs can grow, the ultimate reality of Life is forever beautiful beyond our beliefs, beckoning us to open more fully, celebrate more joyously, love more passionately, live more wisely, and thus grow big and strong and tall in heart, becoming all we are capable of being.

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