Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Wild Sanity poetry by Blake Steele

Wild Sanity poetry by Blake Steele: "PONDERING MY RETIREMENT


When I am old
I want to be an artist
who buries his fiery body in color
in the way a black mole
snuggles into mud.
I want to hunt
for green leaves in paint,
and burn canvas
with vermilion flame.
I want to splash a sky
with those roses
that birth the sun
day by day
and throw golden hair
over your face
with a huge sweep of brush.
I would paint your eyes blue
with my toes
and your shimmering smile
with a glob of paint
on my chin.
We shall laugh
in color,
you and I,
and run down
empty streets at night
leaving wet footprints
on the sides of walls.