Monday, March 10, 2008

The Two Trees

There is a tree of Life inside of us. It is our body/mind energetic system. When our body/mind system is freeflowing with the Breath of Life, the Life-giving Spirit radiating out of the Ultimate Oneness of Existence, then we experience inner harmony, unity, wholeness, inspiration, natural creativity, and that supreme
goodness we call Holy Love.

There is also a tree of knowing good and evil. This is our dualistically developed mind. Our miraculous mind is meant to be such a fantastic tool, a beautiful servant of the unifying spiritual energies of Life. But when our consciousness becomes ignorantly fixated on mental workings and lost in its symbolic facimilies and sense-limited reasoning, it becomes a tyrannical master, denying and repressing our deeper Being of pure consciousness, pure essence of Existence, pure Life.

We are born with a natural sense of the Unity of existence, but are soon schooled in the ways of dualistic thinking and trained to fixate on the workings of our minds. Of course, energetic dualism is an inherent reality of Life. We are taught to not touch a hot stove because we will be burned. We feel ice and know that if it is on our skin too long it too can burn us. Dualistic perception is necessary to deal with Life as it is. It is only a problem if it becomes all we know, our dominant way of perception. Our mind is perfectly able to simultaneously perceive both the dualistic and unified nature of Life. And if our mind/body system was trained in harmony with reality, we would hold both ways of perception in a marvous creative relationship and be bursting with Life.

All energy, at its Source, is utterly Pure before it is influenced by mental/emotional interpretations or suffers energetic reversals in our body/mind system. What I mean is, for example, if we come to believe that feeling sexual energy is dangerous or wrong the pure, innocent flow of sexual energy that the body instinctively knows is beautiful, healthy and good is then resisted and repressed in our body/mind system. This repression strengthens our ability to deny and deaden it even as it sends a very confusing signal through our entire energetic system. Every cell in the body knows that feeling purely good is a sign of health and feeling bad a sign of sickness. But now the energetic message is given that feeling good is not good. So perhaps feeling bad is now good. To confuse our energetic system is to create inner sickness and stress. And sickness and stress are what deadens and kills our body.

Life itself is a constant creative happening. I have learned that the way to work with all energies is lovingly and creatively. Energy is meant to flow positively and freely. Every point of frozen energy is a point of negativity and inner sickness. Health is free flowing positive energy. But, and this is critical to understand, energy can only flow freely in a healthy way when it is guided by Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is the high Law of existence. Only this Love can guide free flowing energy into harmonious expressions that give Life, peace and freedom for all beings. When Unconditional Love guides all body/mind energies in the ways of caring for yourself and others, inspiring yourself and others, honoring yourself and others, giving everyone freedom to grow at their own rate, then all energies become pure servants of the highest principle of Life, all energies become straight, clear, free flowing and harmonious. All energies find their balance and natural creative instinct to express the beauty and goodness of Life. This is the Feast of Life, the Wedding Feast of opposites, the return home to the Eternal Tree of Life within and all its Life-giving fruits of beauty and peace.

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