Sunday, May 14, 2006

Love is the meaning of it all...

Life just breaks down when we fail to live in Love. I have never seen Love harm anyone. Love certainly opens our hearts, but it always is the failure to Love that wounds us. Many people are afraid of Love because of this. But that only makes the problems worse. To live in Love is to refuse to side with fear, to be willing to open up our wounds so Love can heal us and bring us home to the radiant roots of our Being. 

Just think of whatever touches you most deeply in life. What kind of response comes from you when you are touched on your deepest levels either by a person, a song, a work of art, a place, an idea... Is it tenderness? Is it inspiration? Is it Love? We love whatever touches us in this innermost tender place because Love is what lives there.

There is a quiet revolutionary awakening happening all over the world. People are discovering that we really are Love in our most essential nature. Clouds may blot out the sun, but they do not extinguish or affect it in any way. The sun just goes on shining in full strength because it is what it is. So the ideas, emotions and defense mechanisms of our heart in no way affect the reality of the limitless Ocean of Love that gives everything existence. Limitless Love just is. It is the life-giving force of attraction that holds everything together from a molecular level up. It is the wisdom that gives all things form. It is the most complete expression of Being. It is the law and meaning of Life.

It is natural and healthy to live in the inspiration and goodness of Love. Love frees us from painful neediness, loneliness, and the grief of feeling separate from the infinite beauty that is our source and our home. 

May this revolution of Love continue to open people all around the world and carry us beyond the repressive shadows of man-made religious traditions back into the spiritual radiance of real Love that first gave religions their birth.

May the fear-based divisiveness and power based dominance of the old political, religious and cultural systems melt away in the increasing awareness of common people everywhere celebrating their recovered innocence, their emerging beauty, their unique gifts, their expanding freedom to be real. May we be the sexy, spiritual, intelligent, creative beings we ultimately are in the wisdom and life-giving nature of real Love.

Article by Blake from the InterHealing Community"



There is a tender,
shy-eyed wisdom
that seeks to pour
her silver waters
of ecstatic rest
into the open, glass vase
of an empty soul.
There is a velvet flower
that only unfolds
in the effervescence
of these waters.
There is a drop of dew
on the lip of that flower
mirroring angels
in all the earth and sky.
There is a shy-eyed face
hidden in everything.


There is an ecstasy
in open-hearted rest:
the blue breezes of day
sweep through unhindered
by stones;
the silver waters of wisdom
flood through
quietly, wetting everything--
or come as a flash and spurt
shivering the belly
and the bones.


Why not live every day
in ecstatic emptiness,
in Eshoo's flowing fullness?
This sweet gentleness
of rose breath
is God's rest:
It is the mitzvah of the Hebrews,
the flowering grace
in Francis's holy bosom--
it is the fragrant, unwavering flame
around which Rumi twirled.


God is pure, creative genius:
what else can I say about this One
but that?
When God wells up,
floods down,
envelopes in silk,
trickles through the naked core,
the images flow:
seeking to express
the transparency of the shiver,
the soft blow of rose breath
in blood and warm bones.


We can always keep accepting,
always keep emptying,
always let the rose breath blow.
If a rat builds an muddled nest
in the mind, in the tight belly,
let the wind carry it away.
If a cold stone drops,
let it tumble in a warm river.
If a worm eats into your apple,
throw the apple in God's press:
its golden juices will flow.
It is Eshoo who ever
keeps blowing...
O freedom!
O velvet delicacy!
His white wind,
(this movement
of unmoving light...),
is everywhere and always!
So open up soul
and fall back,
drop in.


When innocence comes again,
it is called wise blamelessness:
it is the melting away of anxiety,
the flowing openness of God.
It is the sprinkling
of Christ's grace-blood
all over the head and hands,
the throat, the breasts,
the belly, the loins.
It is bare feet in wet grasses
and a yellow flame glistening
in your hair.


The clear mind opens.
Stars pour in;
a glitter of moon light.
The sun arises,
coloring the mind golden and blue.
A silent ecstasy is felt
in light amongst the leaves.