Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lost in Mental Facsimiles

What is Existence? I would like to say from my heart that God is Existence. Think about this: we are never separate from Existence. What if God is ultimately the Great Harmony and goodness of Existence? We are not and have never been separate from the Great Harmony and goodness of Existence. That means, whether we realize it or not, we are in God and God is really in us.

Here, in this world, we naturally become enmeshed in the illusionary senses of our ideas and emotions. We have created in our own mental/emotional nature a sense of separation, a sense of insecurity, a sense of grief. We have grieved for the highest, purest things we instinctively love and think we have lost and this pain of grief has perpetuated its own illusions.

The Light of Existence is Pure Love, loving us for our uniqueness; loving us for our unity with the One Light—this Great Light of Being. We exist, therefore we are Loved in the same way that the Earth exists therefore the sun shines on it. If the Earth did not exist, the sun would still be shinning. First things first. First the sun, then the green earth; first infinitely wise Love creating, then us, the created observing, feeling, seeking, learning.

It is our return to this expanded perspective, this looking out from a higher place in the multistoried house of our Being that frees us. We gaze out from the penthouse of Spiritual awareness on the true nature of Life instead of being blind in the basement. But, contrary to the hierarchical systems we have created, this perspective can never create a sense of superiority, for that is not its essential nature. There is no superiority or inferiority in Love, only unity in the tender-kindness and pure nurturing of its life-giving nature. To arise in the building is actually to sink into it through a loss of insecure egoism as the whole soul relaxes into the supportive nature of Love. Here is where all spatial examples fail: where the opposites of up and down, in and out, Light and dark unite in a greater reality of the unitive nature of consciousness itself.

It is important to realize that this transformative perspective cannot be gained through reading about it. On the mental level it can only be pointed to. All mental images are only symbols of something greater than the magical mirror of our brain. It is gained only through facing and transforming our primal fears into Love. This transformational process of the soul is the movement from mental facsimiles and fear into the courageous confidence of Spiritual reality. It is a total Being growth process, not an intellectual attainment. It is the miracle of consciousness, the essence of Existence in us discovering its true nature which streams out of the One, the Whole, the Holy, the Highest beauty, the supreme Good we call God. This ultimate Living Reality is God beyond all concepts or names of God. May God save us from the echoes of God in our brains that can only point to the ultimate reality of the Universe, to the Oneness beyond all divisions, to the Love beyond all customs, cultures or traditions, to the radiance that transcends even the peace of understanding.

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