Monday, April 28, 2008

Bringing Sex and Everything Home

Everybody is looking for God’s Love and doesn’t know it. This was the first revelation of my spiritual awakening: Everyone is looking for God’s Love in the wrong ways, turning everything upside down.

And everyone is looking for pure energy, for the pure essence of everything, for a clean flow of experiecing Life as it really is because this is happiness. Many people are looking for it in sex, because the flow of ecstasy is a pure state of being. It is inherently innocent and joyous and the body’s energetic system knows this is true. The tragedy is they surround that pure flow with darkness. In truth, the darkness feeds on the pure, ecstatic energy; it draws sustenance from the pure Life flow in sex through the delusions of the soul, the twisting influences. So the innocent purity of the ecstatic flow cannot carry over into experiencing the innocent purity, or sacredness of all existence.

To bring sexual energy home to its pure Source is to melt away the attachments, the soulless lust, guilt, shame, shamelessness, and all the rest. To rediscover pure Being at the core of our Being is to be cleansed, to allow the twisted things to become untwisted, all our reversed energies turned back straight. Then our own inner world gets turned right side up, and the world appears as it really is, upside down, with its priorities and most of its beliefs just the opposite of how things really are. This is why Jesus’ first call was “Turn things around, heaven is here.” Turn things around. The way up is down. The way down is up.

Let’s get our heads clear, our hearts open, our innocent energies restored. The realms of pure happiness are right here, in the sky, in the beautiful earth, in the wind, in the trees, in the grass and flowers, in the innocent animals and free-flying birds, in the pure energies of our bodies, in the eyes of our lovers, friends and all the mysterious souls we shall meet.

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