Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What if the purpose of life is to become more aware and loving? What if it is just that simple, and that these two things, when carried beyond death, are worth more than all the passing riches of earth?

What if the purpose of life is to wake up every morning with a burst of gratitude for the sun in the sky, for bird song, for a rooster’s crow or a cloud passing by? What if the purpose of life is to open your heart with the same simplicity as you would open a window and pour out songs of love towards the open sky and into the earth? What if these simple acts charged the spiritual atmosphere of your home with Love and Life?

What if we are designed by powers that are utterly free to be spiritual receivers and transmitters and Love is the one message? What if our highest calling is to allow the warmth, Light and sounds of Love to spread through us into the collective mind of mankind in order to soak the spiritual matrix of the world with beauty and goodness?

What if every little act of kindness, every word of soothing Love, every expression of gratitude passed on to a child is worth 10,000,0000,0000 times a Ferrari and not only affects this child but children in Africa, South America, and Asia as well? How would that affect your priorities today?

What if we are corporately creating a matrix of thought, values and feelings that are completely out of harmony with the sublime powers of the Universe and that are like a collective hypnotic spell we all accept as true just because it becomes so familiar to our minds? What if Love and beauty really do hold everything together, right down to the molecular level and beyond? What if, as thousands of near death experiences are saying, we will realize at the moment of death, as surely as the sun shines, that the American dream of increasing material prosperity was the wrong dream, but that only Love matters, and that we need to purposefully change our priorities to make space for it if we want to discover and fulfill the real meaning of our existence?

What if ultimate reality really is utterly free and breathtakingly beautiful? What if we are all dancing blind on a sea of laughter?

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