Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Mystery of Existence

The Holy Grail of explorative physics right now is to discover the common ground of all existence and to discover its actual nature. Working from the known towards the unknown under the constraints of scientific tools and rules is an exciting and laborious process. The scientist can speculate, but not write a paper of discovery until theories become proven, repeatable facts. My question is, it may not be possible because the rules that limit science may rule out the only way which the ultimate answer can be found.

What is the common ground of all existence, really? Common sense can answer that easily. It is existence itself. All that exists share this together, the fact that each thing exists in existence. Can existence be limited to any aspect within it? No, existence includes all that actually exists all at once. All that exists shares this fact of existence with all else that exists. You can say existence is within all that exists and all that exists exists within existence. But what is existence? To discover that would be to discover the ground of everything.

Think about the fact of your own existence. All right, you exist. Probably you don’t have any immediate sense of wonder or surprise about this. It is a very familiar reality. The mind tends to become dulled to that which is familiar to it. One of the traditional functions of artists and mystics is to call humanity back to a fresh awareness and appreciation of that which the mind becomes dulled to through over familiarity, conditioned filters of beliefs, etc. Now, just for a moment put your attention on your body instead of your mind. Feel your presence within your body. Feel your feet. Wiggle your toes. Now move your awareness up your legs. Feel them. Feel yourself inside them. Now your torso, your sexual area, stomach, heart, lungs. Now your arms and hands. Now your face and entire head. Once you take this little tour of awareness simply feel your entire body at once. Feel yourself inside this body, experiencing it just as it now is.

You are, the one experiencing your body. You are the one experiencing the thinking of your mind. You are the one experiencing all your feelings and experiences. You are the one experiencing your beliefs about yourself, the world and your experiences, past and present. You are the one experiencing your hopes and projections about the future. You are the existent one experiencing it all.

Who is this one? Are you a “feeling of self?” Think of yourself and feel what happens in your body. Do you feel a tension? Where? Or perhaps you feel a certain quality that you say, this is me. Who is the one experiencing this sense of self? Is it the one who exists?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step out of all you experience as yourself and experience the essence of Existence that you are, nakedly, purely, without any coloring of emotion, thought, memory or belief? People for countless centuries, from all cultures and every religion have stated they have had this experience. They have experienced within them the naked essence of existence itself and everyone of them has said something like, it is bliss, it is Light, it is pure Being, it is harmony, it is oneness, it is Divinely perfect, it is Holy, it makes sense of everything, it is what we call Love.

If this journey of discovering for yourself what is ultimately real draws you feel free to explore The Inner Healing Center, a free on-line spiritual festival composed of many spiritual tools to inspire and guide you in your own journey of discovering what the top physicists in the world aspire to know: the actual nature of the common ground of all existence, the naked, pure nature of Existence itself that you and I and all beings are, and that, far beyond all of us, is the Pure Ground of every known and unknown aspects of an infinite, multi dimensional Universe of wonder and beauty.

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