Friday, May 15, 2009


This is an incredibly exciting time. There is a huge shift going on. It is on a scale too big for us to grasp. We can just catch glimmers of it. It is bigger than the shift from the ancient world into the Christian era; it is bigger than the shift from medieval times to the awakening of the age of discovery and the renaissance; it is bigger than the industrial revolution and birth of modernism. It is the awakening of mankind’s consciousness that the seers and prophets of all religions have dreamt of and longed for. It is happening, right now, all over the world, like the first signs of spring in the sweet swelling buds. It is happening as one soul at a time wakes up to the miracle of existence, to the multi leveled reality of their being, to the supreme gift Life is. It is a quiet revolution of consciousness getting clear. It is Love on the move.

It is unconditional, expansive Love happening within and beyond all faith systems, stirring people open into the luminous awareness all religions point to, moving people’s experience beyond the mental limits of symbols and ideologies into the vast, living Substance of Life’s ultimate realities. People are finding, in a rich variety of ways, how Life freely happens in them as their spiritual centers open. They are learning to live the quiet revolution of the freely given Love that alone can open them. And as they do, the world is changing, one priceless soul at a time.

You are most certainly part of this revolutionary shift, for the providence of the Divine has led you to these words, this little rivulet of thought: one visionary stream amongst millions of living streams of truth and kindness that flow through millions of open hearted people all over this world every day.

Let me sing to you, dearly beloved, you are fantastic! The Great Love loves you endlessly. Through your simple surrender, through your upturned palms and open arms, let Love illuminate you more and more as you learn to love what the God of Life loves: stars, sun and moon, the blooming trees and singing birds, seas and fish, fields animals and mountains… your own mysterious and precious soul, and each person you know or meet.

Connect: take time to listen deeply to each other with that complete acceptance each one of us longs to know. Make time to taste the mystery of your friend, your lover, a child… and be known, just as you are awakening to know. Require a more expansive knowing in courageous honestly. Make much time to be with the children no matter what the cost: play with them, learn from them, get down to their level and let them lift you into their innate innocent wonder. They are our God-given teachers in this awakening. Their spirit is the door to the life of Love that is our rightful state.

Plant gardens as a celebration of Life: learn to love simple, basic things. Get your hands dirty. Love water. Love soil. Love seeds and bless them. Learn how blessing through words and hands actually makes things grow bigger. Love the animals. Watch your dog carefully. Learn from his awareness, his joy, his simplicity, his savoring of sunlight and sensitivity to the wind, his response to every rustle in the bush. Watch a cat: play with its free playfulness, rest into its open awareness, and move with its simple, silent grace.

And bless each other: you are designed for this. How powerful the words, “I love and accept you just as you are,” or, “Don’t worry, the Great Love loves you with limitless Love,” can be when whispered from your heart. Practice letting Love and the breath of Life move through your entire energetic systems in a rich diversity of ways — don’t confine Love to rigid, socially “approved” or ritualistic structures. Break the molds and let real Love in open honesty flow. Love is a creative happening, and creativity means freshness and freedom. So open wide in the Spirit’s freshness and freedom to be fully aware and alive in the free happening of Love.