Monday, January 22, 2007

Never give up

Wouldn't the greatest failure of God be if He could not be with a soul in its madness, in its self-created hell? If a soul’s doubt, remorse, and self-incrimination was too great a barrier and someone was able to isolate themself forever from a Love that’s just too perfect, to high, to free to ever relate to. And God, in the end, had to stop caring, because the soul in its hell just wasn't worth the Divine grief. For when you love and can never be with the one you love, isn't that the great pain? So God's pain would be too great if He continued to love each one, to care, to long for every soul to return to its rightful place in an ever expansive bliss of endless Love and beauty.

So His heart would have to close, His defenses go up, and God would be trapped in the most subtle and damning trap of all, the hardening of the heart to protect itself from its own pain. And God would cease to be fully alive, just as we become numb when we give up, when we are at last afraid to Love no matter how much it hurts.

But isn’t this the meaning of Christ’s descent? God can be and is with us, everywhere, in any kind of madness, in the greatest dark, all our bitter disappointments, and the most unimaginable pain, no matter what.

There can no failure of God’s Love. There just can’t be, because if God cannot be with us everywhere, then there is no perfect Love. And if there is no perfect Love, there is no perfect Lover. And if there is no perfect Lover there is no God worthy of the name.

Never give up. Never give up the dreams that make you alive. Never give up what is most important to your soul and the soul of every human being. Never give up your highest ideals. You are never beyond hope. You are never beyond the reach of Divine Love. Never. Never.

And if you have given up what is most important to you, let it be past tense, because everything can change, right now. It is all in what you think, in what you have accepted as real. Don't let being half alive, calloused and dead in your defenses be your reality. You don't have to, you know. If you decided to give up, you can also decide not to. You can decide to recover your child-like joy in being alive, your courage to continue to hope for the highest and the best you know: just because you are loved by a Great Love that truly is perfect, unfailing, forever with us, caring, bearing the pain with us and in us. And you are the lover as well, awaiting to awake to the full potential you have to radiate Love, by the kiss of that Divine Love that is the unwavering Source of existence and the pure quality that alone makes life worth living.

Never give up. Never let cynicism triumph over joyous hope. Never let yourself drift away from everyone who is most important to you. Never give up your highest destiny and truest purpose. Never, never, never give up.