Friday, July 20, 2007

New Web Resources

One Fresh Minute
The Wild Christ
The Power of Blessing
Glicee Prints
Blake Steele Index

I've created lots of new stuff, being on a web site working roll. It includes two new web sites: One Fresh Minute with free one minute audio meditations on Divine Love and beauty as well as meditations of soothing sounds of nature. So many people experience stress during their work days, so I hope this will help them take a one minute mental vacation that will inspire and renew them and thus spread more peace in the world. The other is: The Wild Christ: poetic meditations on the Aramaic Jesus as the Universal Christ—including some very liberating translations of His Aramaic words. I hope this contributes to the rising interest in the expansiveness and mystical aspects of Christ glimpsed through the poetically free language he spoke.

I've also created a new IHC on-line workshop called the Power of Blessing It shows you how to flow in Divine blessing as well as pass it on to others. Really beautiful stuff. Spiritual blessing carries you right into a sense of heaven.

For art lovers I have new Glicee prints available on my Being Loved Art Gallery along with many new audio recordings of poetry and healing meditations.

Also, because I have so much on-line now, spanning several web sites and domains I've created an index: at

I hope you'll take a look at these resources and if you like them, pass the word on to others. May we all become part of the answer by doing what we can to spread more Love and joy in the world! Remember, many snowflakes in time make an avalance. The little things count!

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