Friday, December 15, 2006

Photo Gallery

I now have a professional photo gallery. It is a work in progress with some wonderful features, such as search that allows you to not only find an image by topic, but by feeling or quality, such as love, grief, awe, mystery, etc.

Most of the images come from my 7 1/2 year odyssey, traveling all over Europe in my little car, photographing beauty.

If you enjoy lush color and beautiful forms, take a look at:

Wishing you all happiness in being your truest, most loving self,

Blake Steele


There is a great secret to life. Actually, of course there are many. But one of the most profound regarding human happiness is this: I am everything I love. In other words, I am the essence of everything I love to experience.

What this means is that which causes us to love someone or place, or thing is the quality of feeling it brings. Not on a superficial level, for that fails to engage our true self. But when we experience or know something in a profound way, that person, or place, or thing has caused us to touch what is most deeply within us, and what is most deeply within us is the essence, or true nature of who we actually are.

We engage our own essence and at that moment of joy are at home in happiness. But our conditioned mind projects this essence of self wholly outward into that which has caused us to know the light of ourselves, and we don't get the realization, we don't grasp the lesson.

What is the value of this truth? It is beyond estimation. Why? Because when we realize we are the feeling or quality what we love gives us, we find the pathway to our truest and happiest self. Does this mean we withdraw from life and just "enjoy ourselves?" No, it shouldn't. What it should do is allow us to stay more centered, more at home, less subject to manipulation, less a victim of world systems that prey upon human blindness. It should help us realize our own divine nature, connected to the infinite Purity and Beauty that is our Source, our Lover, our destination... In realizing this, so much fear melts away and hope floods us with the Love that is the truest essence of us all.