Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ is Risen

Christ is risen. The Light of Existence has triumphed over all illusions, all deception, all ill will, all maliciousness. The Light of Love has pierced through all energies of fear, all holding back. The Light of joy has overcome all grief, all habits of bondage, all self created patterns of misery. Christ has triumphed, and Christ is in us, in us all. In every human who exists, for God is the Light of Existence. In every animal, every insect, every leaf, every flower. The Light of Existence is Love, and this Love has broken through, risen up, overcome, able to transform us all.

Be riddled with Light. Let a trillion little beams of Light pierce all that resists Light within you. Let all karmic darkness be riddled with Light. Let all attached negative energies be riddled with Light. Let all your hopes and desires be riddled with Light. Let all emotional energies be riddled with Light.

Sing out, shout, "Christ has risen in my being." Let it flow through you. Let your natural inner confidence arise. It is there. It will awaken. You can do it. Christ is innocent, pure Existence, flowing with Love, radiant with beauty, alive forever… forever free. Christ is in you. In the highest heights and lowest depths, in your center and circumference. Christ is you. Your truest true, your absolute Being. Be riddled with Light.

Happy Easter everyone, everyday, through all your journey, all the way home.

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