Wednesday, May 02, 2007


(Poems written June 2006)

Here on the balcony, windows wide open,
the blue sea warming in a hot sun,
the little sea-cooled breeze
playing over my sun-hot skin,
with birds singing in the pine trees
and the palm trees,
with fig trees green and swelling
their hard, green fruit,
and cherries red on the limbs,
with peaches ripe and falling,
with dates, and goat’s milk
and oats and nuts,
I drink in the gifts of limitless Love
loving me to be a gift of Love,
blessing me to be a gift of Blessing—
and the whole thing slides
into the good dream of Love
shifting time and space,
for all the windows are wide open
and angels fly in and out with ease,
as earth becomes heaven
one heart at a time.


Who is this who returns and relaxes
open in bright colors,
in the gleaming glories of God?
Who is this who sails blue seas
of the skies with cloudy sails;
who glides as a dove through
wide open windows?
Whose eyes reflect the morning light
as they lift their vision to distant mountains?
Whose heart sings for the joy of singing
such Love into the pool of the world?


Perfect silence is perfect listening
the whole soul relaxing
into an ear,
the body, wrapped in glass,
freezes soundless:
the universe without a quiver
melts in Light.


The sun kisses my body.
The breeze flutters on my skin
and trembles inside me.
The sea gurgles against stone..
The earth is pine-fragrant and simmering.
The birds seem inspired
and the bugs excited.
Early this morning, on the terrace with my eyes just opening,
I was surrounded by swallows.
Any day that starts like this
has got to be good.

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