Saturday, December 23, 2006

Frogs in hot water


I’ve been out of America for the greater part of seven years. Coming back is always a huge culture shock for me, this time, perhaps the biggest. Most people know about the frog in the water analogy: you can’t put a frog in very hot water, but if you slowly warm the water and let him adapt, he will stay in the water until it cooks him. One advantage of “being away” is I have not been part of the warming of the water here in America. I’m not a frog who is “used” to the changes that have take place. They smack me in the face. Here are some of the shifts I have seen, ones I feel we should all be very, very concerned about.

1. The overall quality of life has dropped: less smiles, much less happiness evident.
2. Much more stress and way too much sensual stimulation, which creates a general inner weariness and dullness I see in many people, including the young who should be so fresh and happy.
3. Corporations have taken over America. In case you didn’t know, it is inherent to the corporate structure that they have to grow bigger to succeed. The big fish eat the little fish, then each other, until only a few super fat fish are left in a barren sea.
4. Advanced business brain washing: its cool to be a full on, consumer. Use it and throw it out: spend, spend, spend, and don’t take the warnings of the scientific community too seriously. Nature can continue to absorb our consumerist way of life. Let’s expand it. Let’s make the whole world like us.
5. Debt: the “average person” is deep in debt, (thanks to our “friendly” credit card/banking systems), full of anxiety and trying to keep up an appearance that everything is ok.
6. We are hyped on technology: so much “communication” so little being deeply known, completely heard.
7. The wealthy are obscenely wealthy, the poor are obscenely poor and the middle class is debt ridden, full of anxiety, and perhaps trying to convince themselves that it is a “high quality life” to be entertained by the “rich and famous” on monstrous sized TV screens.
8. Massive loss of trust in the Government due to lack of Government transparency and accountability. For example, why haven’t the huge questions about 9/11 been responsibly addressed and answered? The rest of the world wants to know too. Why have so many “witnesses” been issued gag orders by the U.S. Government? Why the Air force stand down orders? Why the massive failure to follow FAA regulations? Why no investigations? Why no reprimands? Why the market run on put options on the Airlines that were hijacked just before the attacks? Why no investigations? Why are WTC towers 2, 3, and 7 the only steel skyscrapers in history to fall because of fires? Why has investigative reporting on these issues been repressed by the corporations who own the major media? And many, many other valid questions.
9. Out of control corruption: the scariest being in the intelligent agencies, (how many do we have now?) FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DEA, Homeland Security, etc. Second scariest, Corporate greed…
10. How much our government looks after the fat fish (mega corporations) and how little is being done to improve the life quality of normal working people.
11. Freedom of the press becoming something of the past. The Big Fish own our newspapers and media and control how we see the world to a much larger extent than most Americans realize.
12. The shift in what America now represents to the rest of the world and how hyper patriotism is not viewed as supporting American values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, but about supporting American Corporate power. An individual’s heart’s intent may be patriotic, but we better wake up and realize that America is no longer seen as the land of the free. Most normal people in the rest of the world are not against real freedom, but against their cultures being transformed through massive brain washing by corporations who want to create a super-materialistic, consumerist, business centered life-style all over the world, until everyone is as debt-ridden and stressed out, greedy and corrupt as us.

I want to say, I have steered clear of politics my whole life. I write about human happiness from a spiritual perspective: discovering our true nature, getting “deprogrammed” and returning to our natural state of openness, and loving happiness. I feel compelled to start making political statements because, from my perspective, the changes in America over the last seven years are so profound and so dangerous, that everyone of us has a profound responsibility to wake up and speak out. If we don’t we will continue to trade our remaining sense of social fairness and freedom for a false security that blinds and binds us all the while we are being sold down the river by greedy corporations and the politicians they evidently own.

I know this is a slanted perspective. Thankfully, it is not the whole picture. It is a dark underbelly that has become more and more mainstream. But there are times when we must look at the negative in order to see what is actually going on in order to free ourselves from it. Personally, I much rather write about love, beauty, adventure, and the freedom of the human spirit: you know, the good medicine we all desire.

Fellow frogs, can you feel it? We are already in very hot water. If you value happiness and social freedom, then please be one who wakes up, stands up and speaks up. Let’s not become so used to the way things are going that we fall into such a stupor of stress and depression that we buy the lie we are powerless to do anything about it. There is nothing so powerful as an awake and free person. Get out of the water before it boils!