Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

In honor of this historic inauguration day I am breaking with my principle of staying out of the political arena in order to concentrate on the issues of the human heart which I believe are foundational to the establishment of a compassionate world. I rejoice with America on this hugely historic day and the renewed sense of community and Love I see cleansing the general spiritual atmosphere. It is a shame that many draw back from this opportunity to emerge into the Light of good will and make a positive contribution. As one who has been profoundly affected by the events of the last 7 years I feel a sense of relief today... but also a sadness at the dark underbelly of negativity that snares so many sincere souls around the world. I write this in response to a very negative facebook response to my jubilation.

Please, let us beware of the trap of paranoiac attitudes that attach to unsubstantial information regarding conspiracy theories. Remember, we see the world not as it is, but to a great degree, as we are. There is only one thing that forever gives us the power to prevail against tyranny and it isn't fearful negativity. It is the Love, hope and courage of common people banding together in creative innovation for the good of all. If you are concerned about this world please, become a positive influence for change. We can each do it in our own unique way.

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