Sunday, March 02, 2008

Waiting for God's Children

The whole Creation eagerly waits for God’s children to be born…
St. Paul

If this is true, why would Creation long for God’s children? Is a child of God a member of a certain religion? Does a child of God have just the right dogma or ritual, tradition or moral attitude to make Creation itself long for their presence in the world? What is so special about a child of God that would make the stars, the sun and moon, every bird and fish, dog and bear, even the rocks and rivulets, trees and toads long in every fiber of their instinctive beings for God’s children to be born? Scripture says, “God is Light…” Is it Light then? Are God’s children full of a primal Light and lightness of Being all Creation sighs for?

We are part of Creation. Our “human nature” is simply nature in a human form. As part of Creation are we longing for God’s child in us to emerge out of the shadows of our hearts? Do we sigh for a natural freedom of being along with the innocent animals and the chemically burdened sky? If so, why don’t we arise and shine? Why can’t we radiate Life like happy people we admire? What holds us back? Is it because even as we long for Light we also fear its radiance?

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light? Maurice Freehill

Our best songs celebrate joy, Love, beauty… those qualities we have long ascribed to the Light. Our joyous, jump up and down Gospel music celebrates the freedom of Light manifested into the world as Love. Why would we sing of Light, work for Light, long for Light and yet secretly fear it? Perhaps because this kind of Light, the Light of what is whole and real, exposes all that makes us conflicted and phony. What if those whom the crickets are nightly calling, are souls who for the love of Light have faced their repressed traumatic pain, their secret fear of guilt and embarrassment so that they too might sing songs of Love in the dark?

I believe that to free the Divine child within us is to bubble with Life’s joy… to laugh so hard at times our whole body aches. I believe it means that instead of repressing our energies we recover the innocence nature of our being and guide our energies in the ways of fearless Love. This is the way we come to passionately love being fully here, sensual, alive, vibrant with God’s Life-force flowing as freely through us as wind through the trees.

This is the way to be a blessing, when God's own energetic Love streams through our open energetic system to bless animals, plants, the patient trees. We are the ones we are waiting for, just on the other side of pain's shadows and the projections we make on others. Just behind the passing clouds of culturally "normalized" misinterpretations lies a reality longing for our Love filled embrace, our awakening, our coming home to the unbroken fabric of all that is real.

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