Monday, July 14, 2008

The NoMind Festival

I have just experienced another Angsbacka NoMind Festival in Sweden. It is a week in Paradise with a flow of blessing upon blessing as so many hearts open to reveal the secret beauty of the world. Workshop leaders come from all over Europe and the world. There are around 50 workshops a day with lots of music, dance, incredible organic food, and best of all, countless loving encounters with a rich variety of beautiful souls who shine with the Divine glow of Love, and hold in their sparkling eyes the mystery that is revealed in awe and creates a deeper awe.

I know in my body and bones that one day the world will be like this, for what is happening here is just Life in us, unbound, realized, revered, and surrendered to: the Light we are, the way we are designed to be and know. In this is wonder, achingly tender Love: opening, opening, deeper into the warm receptivity, the bestowal, the flush and flow, the flowering.

God is Love in action: blessing upon blessing... this silent shock of beauty, this silver shiver, always so far beyond words, yet somehow pouring through our Love-infused, child-like attempts to paint the wind with words.

The festival is called NoMind because in all its rich diversity the secured intention is to move beyond concepts and all mental facsimiles into the immediacy of Life as awareness, Life as the awakened urge towards Loving harmony, Life as a free flowing creative happening in the eternal Now. As mental veils part and old, primal fears melt away the naked Spirit shines in the bright Ocean of Love. We are inwardly embraced and sensitized to the rich flavors of the sky, the green earth, healthy food, each human word and glance as Life becomes what Love makes it, a wedding feast of awareness, a celebration of breath, a huge, wild and kind awakening.

So many opening hearts. And, the shining of the mystery. Bright, open eyes revealing the unutterable beauty, the hint, the glimpse, the shine of Divine Beauty, the call in. I longed to dive into so many eyes. If I could only be more receptive, emptier of all need, even the slightest stir of insecure ego, then, I think I could slip into these eyes and pass beyond the silver stream, the golden flow, the opening curtains into the ultimate freedom, our home.

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