Tuesday, January 02, 2007


January 2nd, 2007

The beginning of a new year is a traditional time to reflect on the lessons of the past and proclaim a new beginning based on hopes and aspirations. New cycles with new dynamics—hope springs eternal in the human heart. It must, for how can we exist with hopelessness? With hope comes fresh waves of inspiration to persevere through difficulties, to find ways to move strongly towards our deepest desires, our most ingrained longings and dreams. To truly live, we must arise out of the ashes of grief and insist on the highest and best we know.

There are some things that have always held sway over the human heart, since the beginnings of mankind creating a recorded history. These are spiritual qualities such as Love, peace, harmony, a sense of connectedness with higher, purer states of being, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and beauty. No matter what the cultural expression or era, these divine qualities have remained the same.

To be fully alive we must overcome all self-imposed and cultural impediments in order to be personally in touch with the supreme eternal qualities that reign over existence itself. How can we know that these qualities are supreme? Because they always have and always will elevate mankind to be its healthiest, most life affirming and inspiring state of being.

My wish for us all is that we will move out of the shadows of a greed-based social system that will inevitably self-destruct into the light of a Love-based system of mutual care, of finding ways to increase the quality of life for all based on simplicity, the opening of the heart, awareness and thankfulness, contentment and peace. We need a huge shift. God, through increasing natural catastrophes, will force us to change if we will not consciously embrace it. I pray that more and more of us find the courage to break out of current social patterns, wake up, and demand Love, beauty and goodness to become foundational for our lives.