Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sex Is A Wild-Eyed Thing

I’ve been doing a lot of recording, both of poems and meditations. I just finished one called, Sex is a wild-eyed thing. I’ve been hesitant for some time to make public creative expressions of sexual energy because in America, land of perpetual adolescence, it pushes too many people’s fear buttons. But that is the very reason that our relationship to sex should be creatively brought forward through art to a place of health. Sexual energy is the biological Life-force itself. God didn’t have to make it quite so beautiful or powerful to insure the propagation of our species. It is a wild, pure and beautiful energy—and that’s what I’m specifically referring to as sex, the raw, primal essence of what sex is in our bodies, not what we do with it in our expression. That’s another subject.

Sexual energy in our bodies is fresh and vitalizing. Contrary to much teaching coming out of male-dominated, ascetic spiritual systems, sexual orgasm is meant to vitalize our entire system, releasing stress and leaving our bodies and souls peaceful and harmonious. It only drains a man if he has energy reversals, linking sexual release to guilt, shame, or other non-loving, negative attitudes. If a man manipulates and uses a woman for his own pleasure instead of honoring and loving her he should have his vital forces drained. It’s only fair. But if he loves her and she him, then all the energies of Love and sex can combine to enhance every level of both of their beings.

As our body/soul relationship gets straightened out, it becomes obvious that sex is a physical expression of the very same yielding, opening instincts and actions of our deepest spiritual self in its relationship to the Highest expression of the Life—the Divine. Click Here to listen to Sex is a Wild-Eyed Thing

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