Tuesday, September 21, 2004


What do you long for? What does your heart dream of? Put on some music right now. Dance it.

What is your intention? Why are you here? What is the thing you have come to fulfill? Do you know? Can you guess? Dance it.

Dance a prayer. Dance for your longings to be fulfilled. Go deeper. Dance for the world. Dance your thankfulness for it all, the pain, the wonder. Open your heart and dance it.

Dance your doubts. Feel them fully. Dance it.

Dance your fears. Let them flow through. Why believe them? Dance it!

Dance your discouragement. Dance your despair. Dance your grief at being wounded and human. Dance your anger at the betrayal of Love. Dance it!

Break though. You can you know. You aren’t a slave to feelings or ideas. Dance your no to your no. Dance your passion to be free. Dance your Yes to Life! Be wild. Be crazy. Dance it.

Now surrender. Let your deeper self arise, all that light, all that primal goodness, all that innocence of pure Being that can never be undone. You are alive. You are beauty rising. You are nothing but Love. You are already free. Dance it, child, dance it!