Friday, May 02, 2008

Imagine This

Imagine a world where: all religions realized their founders and visionaries were ultimately pointing beyond tribal concerns to a greater reality, a Oneness of all humanity in Love and freedom as the supreme goal of their visions and dreams.

Imagine a world where the Universe is understood as an open, multidimensional system, and that the Spiritual world is as alive and real to our minds as the realms we perceive with our bodily senses.

Imagine a world where our miraculous human body is seen as the physical expression of higher and more refined levels of energy and awareness that open into realms of inexpressible beauty, harmony, health and Light.

Imagine a world where the dominant paradigm is of service in Love and growth through mutual support for the greater good of all.

Imagine a world where being forgiving and kind to yourself and others is the first rule of healthy existence.

Imagine a world where happiness is understood as the natural results of seeking to contribute to a beautiful environment and the happiness of others in all that we do.

Imagine a world of self -governing local communities that lovingly support all members and trade with other communities in a win/win situation for the greater happiness and welfare of all.

Imagine a world of clean, free energy that is usable on small, local scales, therefore disbanding huge, polluting industries and dysfunctional urbane living isolated from the harmony and beauty of the natural world.

Imagine a world where skilled craftsmanship is highly valued because of the human spirit that is held in it through prolonged attention.

Imagine a world where living simply is widely loved because it frees the mind and heart of non-essential clutter to be available to develop and enjoy deep, meaningful relationships.

Imagine a world where family is a unit of lasting love, mutual support and joyful celebration linked through mutual love and respect to other family units.

Imagine a world where giving loving attention to children and playing with them is a top priority for all.

Imagine a world where effective education and joyful play is one and the same thing.

Imagine a world where the gift of sexual ecstasy is seen as a pure mirror of a deeper tenderness and ecstasy of spirit and is never repressed in fear nor exploited for profit.

Imagine a world where when young people sexually awaken they are never shamed or isolated but rather celebrated by family and friends and given wisdom about how physical ecstasy can unite with a deeper, instinctual opening to God as the pure bliss of Light, Love and endless beauty.

Imagine a world where the making of beauty for the joy of others is as natural a part of daily life as eating or breathing.

Imagine a world where developing artistic expressions of Love and wisdom for the good of all are highly respected and sought after trades.

Imagine a world of community wisdom gathering circles, where every perspective is carefully represented, from the creative, playful artists, to the women and children, to those concerned with economy and communal integrity—and mutual decisions are made as all perspectives are honored and a sense of wisdom and balance illuminates every heart.

Imagine such a harmonious world of beauty and joy. If you can, then simply desire such a world, right here, right now and hold this ideal in your heart as a sign of personal health and you will naturally find yourself part of the immergence of a new world of human happiness and beauty as the old order crumbles and passes away. Never underestimate the power of vision, desire and imagination, nor of the human will united to the wisdom of the Great Love that has conceived this bountiful and beautiful Universe and is for us all in every way.

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