Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Power of Language

With all the healing modalities that are being discovered these days, I feel that one of the most powerful of all is being overlooked: the power of language. We all know how words can hurt. How many times have people said things that have keyed into deep hurts within us; and how many times have we said things in frustration or defensiveness that we know have hurt others. If words can hurt, how much can they heal?

When people appreciate something we have done, how powerful are words of gratitude to our self-esteem? How powerful the words of affirmation, acceptance, and admiration? Words convey feelings, or more basically, energy. And energy is the substance of Life itself.

After all, it is not the words themselves that hurt or heal, but the energy that is conveyed, or invoked within us. We long for positive, joyous, liberating energy, and this energy can be expressed to our inner being through language. When the language dances and sings with a joyous, free energy so does the heart. When the harmony, beauty and welcoming of Love is conveyed in words, the soul relaxes and opens into its native element.

I hope you will visit my web site and take a therapeutic dip in the language of joy, insight and beauty.

Much good to you in your journey into the ultimate energy of Love, harmony and peace.

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