Friday, June 08, 2007



“IN ALL GOD'S WORKS the laws of beauty are wrought out in vanishing portrayals, in birth and death. In these there is no hoarding, but an ever fresh creating, and eternal flow of life from the heart of God.” George MacDonald

Life and beauty are constantly being created and dying, then replaced by fresh expressions. There is no hording, no clinging onto, no grasping: just a free flow of constant newness. We, on the contrary, have learned to grasp, to cling, to be afraid of losing, of letting “loss” plunge us into grief with its anger and pain.

Before the end of this month I will attend the memorial of my father's passing and my youngest daughters wedding. The coming and the going. The freshness and that which is worn out. This is life. This is just how it is.

To allow Life to be our teacher is to come to the “Ways of Life.” These ways are natural. They are real. To return to Life is to become progressively more natural and real. It is natural to be harmonious and happy. It really is. It is natural to be whole, not conflicted—to allow each part of us to love and nurture every other part. It is natural to be healthy and happy. It really is, in spite of the constant changes of Life, even in spite of the losses of people, places or things we value and love.

I am currently working with EFT as a way to reprogram our unconscious, meaning the vast intelligence of our nerve/chemical/mental systems we are not consciously aware of, to accept the pleasure and joy of being “super-naturally natural”. I like EFT because it is simple, accessible, direct, quick and effective. I will soon have an EFT workshop available on line on my InterHealing Community web site.. To reprogram our energetic systems allows new dynamics in our lives, dynamics of joy and real success. We can stop self-sabotage. We can live in harmony with our deepest values and feel fully awake and alive. We really can!

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