Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Secret Inner Call

Our secret inner call to new beginnings is super intelligent and already knows much about our destiny and journey to it. This call echoes down from what seems to be dark places: a radiant river streaming out of shadows. A new beginning is change. A new beginning is growth, and we often fear it. But Life happening in us must be newness; it must be growth. Look at each living thing in their upsurge, in their movement towards the fulfillment of their potential, and you see a flow of change happening. You behold the inexplicable wonder of transformation. A lowly worm dies into a free flying moth; a hard shelled seed dissolves to let the fragrant flower hidden in its potential arch up and splay open.

Life is Light—you can see this Light in any eye, animal or human—for the miracle of Life issues as gleaming streams from the Ocean of Light. And it is this radiance of Life that calls us, forever beckons us to grow, to risk what we are to become what we shall be. But more authentically, to unfold into what we forever are, the eternal pattern of our actual being, the luminous children of Life.

Did we come here merely to contribute to the gross national product of our particular country? Have we blindly pushed through our mother’s thighs in order to be programmed by the business community to consume, dispose of and die? Are we here with instincts to strive, to overcome suffering, to grow by learning, to develop character through it all and then be extinguished? It is possible, but not probable. I say not probable because it is humanity’s brightest spirits, most loving hearts, those with the greatest passion to know truth and be true that have said not so, there is so much more. It is these awakened ones who have expressed in countless ways worlds of higher awareness within our world and the mysterious paths of consciousness that follow Life’s river to its pure source. It is the true Lovers of Life who have said and sung that Life’s deepest mysteries only open by Love and for Love for they issue out of Love. If these Love-filled and luminous souls have lied then who can we possibly trust?

It is the opened ones who have sung, shouted and sighed we are here for more than a materialistic worldview can ever envision because we are more. Beyond the consciousness spells of human conditioning, beyond the limits of our waking and our dreaming is the Universe as it is, forever more glorious than our mental facsimiles, our theories, our mathematical patterns, projections and paradigms, for the Universe issues out of the infinite. It is a many-storied building made of consciousness and our sciences of technology and tools can explore only a limited number of floors. But the open heart can sense more, for the heart is the portal to a shining pool, a radiant river, and the ocean that is our living water’s home. And it is this radiance that forever calls us to grow from darkness to Light, from cultural limitations towards the mysterious and beautiful.

To love Life as it is we must love the ever new. I do not mean to imply an unsettled, uprooted existence. No, one can grow, unfold and stretch out no matter where they live, no matter in what circumstances, for no one or no circumstance can hinder our freedom to form new intentions and make new commitments. Even if our body is in a prison we can still inwardly unfold and grow. Whether in bad jobs, bad marriages, bad political systems, we are free to make this choice, I will open my heart right down to the core of me, that pure Light of Life I am; I will face the emotional pain that feeds the defense patterns of my inner programming that has limited me and thus become free of my fear of what lies in my own deep heart. I will know the harmonious nature that holds together quarks, molecules and star fields. I will learn how to relax wide open to Life in the moment Life is happening. I will allow Life to happen in me, to freely pour out of me in all its beauty and ceaseless Being.

Many changes are happening in the world. The Earth is calling us and will continue to call us to wake up from social conditioning and every other form of mental spell, in order to fall into the primal Life-force, into the mystery and miracle of Existence and learn its highest, wisest ways. And through the Earth it is God Who is calling. I mean God beyond religious story, custom and divisive limitations in our own minds. God as the Great Universal Love that encompasses the 100 million galaxies; God as the Great Wisdom who has so finely tuned all elements so as to create and sustain biological life ; God as the Great free flowing freedom within which all free creatures function for their good or harm; God as Universal Source: not tribal, but limitless, not exclusive but wrapping luminous arms of Life around all living creatures; God as the super alive Ocean of Existence itself and its ultimate fulfillment and meaning.

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